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The Mission of PHS4W is to maximize the use of physical activity and nutrition education as an educational intervention and social asset in order to enhance the wellness of girls and women as they navigate between childhood and womanhood.


Women and girls will also be trained in an award winning educational curriculum progam that will enable them to cope with the physical, mental health and social challenges they face from obesity to depression and unhappiness with their bodies.

The project at hand will focus on increasing opportunities for girls and women to engage in physical activity and to help them develop healthy eating habits.


Our program"phs4w" is designed to address obesity in minority and underserved women and girls in a culturally appropriate manner and in the development of policies that create healthier environments.

Research on the effectiveness of this educational program demonstrates that girls and women who have participated in the program demonstrated a high attraction to physical activity and nutrition.


Also as part of this program girls and women enlisted in the program will distribute educational materials to other girls and women dealing with obesity. This program is an effort to combat the alarming physical and psychological health hazards affecting panola County girls and women. It is desperately needed.


Domestic Violence: Helping save women from domestic violence and domestic abuse. We must training women to take actions during a violent situation and the importance of the emotional and psychological consequences of domestic abuse.


Teenage Pregnancy: Assisting preteens and teen children, single parent families with counseling,parenting skills, and education classes. Promoting youth to stay in school, build social skills, and learn other craft.


The Paris Health Spa 4 women Community Center will be providing the following programs:


1.  A basketball court

2.  Skating rink

3.  Exercise room

4.  Family Counseling

5.  After school programs

6.  Domestic Violence

7.  Emergency Shelter (Red Cross)





"Believing and Building a Better You"
Founded April 2012